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What’s in Stock? May 24, 2022 [Episode 1]

What’s in Stock? May 24, 2022 [Episode 1]

Hey guys, what’s up? John from Sports Connection in Doylestown is here to welcome all of you to the first episode of our new weekly series on sneakers.

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Hey guys, what’s up. It’s John with Sports Connection. This is the first of our new weekly series on sneakers, where we’re going to talk about new releases and stuff that we’ve bought this week. Let’s talk about some new releases. This Jordan 6 ‘Midnight Navy’. I really like this. It’s much more of an OG shoe. A lot of the guys that have been in the sneaker game forever are the ones that like the 6s. It’s not overly popular with the young crowd, but a lot of the guys that have been doing it forever and really love the game are really into 6s. I love this color white. Even though it is a primarily white-based shoe, I love the light blue down here with the midnight blue over here. It makes it look really fresh, and it really pops.

Then, the Court Purple Dunks. These were a big hit in our store for prom week, believe it or not. We had a lot of kids come in who wanted to wear these for prom. A lot of guys whose date was wearing a purple dress, or they wore a purple tie, and they’re rocking some purple Dunks. I love this shoe. I think it’s really cool. It’ll also go great with a Lakers jersey in the summer.

Then, we bought a really nice deal over the weekend. And I just want to share with you some of the highlights of it, just one unit of each. We don’t need to put all the units that we bought out, just takes up space and not a lot of good information there. So, the only pair of Yeezys that we got in the deal were Belugas, which I love. I love the colorway. I love the orange. The reflective. It’s really sweet. It goes with a lot. It’s one of my favorite Yeezys. So, we got a bunch of these.

I want to show you something that we loaded up on at the last show that we did. It’s a shoe that I think is a great investment, and it is the Rebellionaire 1s. I love the black and gray, but what I really love is the X on the back. I think it’s iconic. I think this is a great shoe to buy and hold if you’re in that game. I also think it’s a really great shoe that you can dress up and wear with a suit, or you can dress down and wear with stretch pants or something like that. I think it’s an awesome shoe, and I really highly recommend you invest in it.

Another really cool pair. I would love to own a bunch of these. If you guys have them and want to sell them to me, we are always buying. Some of the highest quality leather I’ve ever seen on a Jordan 1. These are great. Colorway is awesome. It’s really unique. If you’ve never felt these or touched them or had them in your hand, do it. You’ll love it. I love the two different color laces. These are a big hit.

My favorite and our most popular women’s shoe is our Jordan 1 Seafoam. We got some more sizes of these back in which I’m really excited about. We need them. We’ve sold so many. It’s a classic colorway. It goes with anything. Again, it’s got different color laces, and my wife wears them.

We got in another pair of Hyper Royals, well pairs, of Hyper Royals. Another classic shoe with a jean look. I love it. Goes with anything. Jordan 1s, you can’t go wrong with them. They’re all down now. They go down every summer. Don’t get nervous and sell. If you can afford to hold it, hold it. And if you do want to sell, you know where to find us.

So more Jordan 1s. One of my favorites. I have a feeling you might be seeing me with these on in the next week. Patent Breds. I love this shoe. I know they’re down right now, but if anybody has any that they’re looking to move, we are always buying. This is a great shoe. Can never go wrong with any Chicago-looking colorway.

So, we got some Bronze Eclipse Dunks in. Women’s shoe. Of course, it’s going to run a little bit smaller, but it’s a great colorway. I really like this for the fall. I think this is going to go great with fall colors, the oranges, the browns. It’s really cool. I mean, and of course, you can wear it in the summer. Dunk lows are always a huge hit.

I love this. Probably our most popular Dunk High is a Dunk High Aluminum. We got a bunch of these back in. I’m really excited about these. These are great movers for us. I love the light color. It’s such a great contrast with black pants, with dark jeans, with basically anything. It’s really terrific. Very popular. And I’m excited to have some more of these in.

Georgetown Dunks. Can’t go wrong with these. Again, another classic colorway. I love all the college colors. This is a great shoe. I love that it’s primarily colors and not a white-based shoe. It’s just something that we’re probably moving away from now, the white-based shoes.

Now, my personal favorite silhouette are the 4s. God, we have a lot of these. A lot. We probably have over a 100 pair of Thunder 4s. I love this shoe. And I love the suede. I love anything black and red. It’s kind of my thing. So, another one that I highly recommend you invest in.

Boom. How can you go wrong with these? Classic. Mocha. Everyone loves them. It’s an all time shoe. Will never go down, long term. Don’t be afraid of price drops, now. All Jordan 1s go down in the summer. Love the shoe. I’m really excited to have some more of these in stock.

Last but not least, some more Carolina Blue 4s. These have always been a big hit since they dropped for us. I’m excited about the black and white 4s that are dropping I think in the next week or two. We’ll have full size runs of those. We’ll be ready, locked, and loaded for you on release day. Hopefully, you’ll come to Sports Connection for all your sneakers, sports cards, and street apparel like essentials, etc. Thanks a lot for watching. See you guys soon.

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