Grading Services

Grading Service Technician​​

Getting your cards graded can add some significant value to your collectibles. As one of the few full service card shops, we pride ourselves on seamlessly helping customers in all aspects of the hobby- including card grading.

The Sports Connection team has a dedicated Grading Specialist. Brandon reviews all cards prior to sending them out for grading at no additional charge. He will check the surface, corners, edges, and card centering for any imperfections you may have missed. This process saves our customers time and money on cards that may receive a low grade upon grading submission.

We are partnered with both PSA Authentication & Grading Service and Sportscard Guaranty Corporation (SGC) to offer our customers a wide range of services.

SGC is an excellent option for your bulk grading needs. At only $25 a card, SGC is a fantastic option for getting your collectibles graded.

PSA is currently firing on all cylinders with multiple different levels of grading, from bulk to regular, to high-end express!

Please see the below charts for pricing and turnaround times.

Grading submissions can be dropped off at our Chalfont location or submitted by mail. Please call us with any questions or to arrange your next submission!

Interested in Grading with Sports Connection? CLICK HERE

 SGC Grading General Submission

Interested in Grading with Sports Connection? CLICK HERE