What’s In Stock? August 3, 2022 [Episode 2]

What’s In Stock? August 3, 2022 [Episode 2]

The boys are back with the latest pick-ups from the Jus Nice Sneaker Convention in Atlantic City!

Check out the haul we recently brought into our Doylestown, PA, shop, and don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about any of these pairs.

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John Calvecchio 0:00
Hey, it’s John and Matt from Sports Connection, and we wanted to show you our highlights of what we picked up at the Jus Nice Convention over the weekend. We’re going to show you some really rare stuff. We’re going to show you some of our in-store favorites, and Matt’s gonna lead it off for us.

Matt Dome 0:12
So to start off, like I’m going to go right into it. I think the best thing we picked up with a Jackie Robinson Dunks. I think this is probably the best dunk they’ve ever released in like quality-wise and everything. I just love how there’s like a Nike sign hit right there on the toe box. It’s a really cool shoe. We got grade school sizes and mens sizes. Those were not last. We also got the new Travis Scott Reverse Mocha we picked up. We now have the full size run of these and another great shoe. Travis Scott’s always do well. But by far, my favorite thing we picked up was the Sean Cliver Special Box SB dunk. It comes with like so much different stuff, like a bear. And then it’s just like the Sean Cliver, just in a special box. There’s Christmas cards at the bottom, by far my favorite Pickup. Also autographed. Oh yeah, it’s autographed by Sean the skater. He autographed the box. So it’s just super cool. Something you don’t see every day.

John Calvecchio 1:01
And now I want to tell you just about some shoes that I think are really cool. And some really great sellers in our store. We picked up another pair of the New York New York Dunks for those who don’t know what these are. This is like basically indicative of like Rucker Park. It’s got all the stuff on the bottom, Lincoln Park, etc. It’s really unique shoe you just don’t see you don’t see it often. And you really don’t see anybody wearing it, which makes me like you even more. Sea Foams- I mean, this is probably our best Jordan 1 seller, just between the color combination. Guys that have gone have huge feet. And girls love this shoe. There’s nothing else like it. I also love that it comes with a bunch of different laces, including these nice orange ones. This is sweet. It’s just a really cool summer and fall shoe. I like to design on the on the swoosh here. Just something unique that they haven’t put out that often. I think there’s what two or three different ones like this. The blue ones the orange ones is there.

Matt Dome 1:55
Yeah, there’s a blue, green, and orange.

John Calvecchio 1:56
Okay, so there’s three of them. Yeah, and I like orange, especially for the summer. I like that shoe- it’s a good shoe. And finally, my favorite- I buy them all. We finally put our top shelf for sale. Yeah, you can show it. Oh, it’s actually we just bought. I want every Grinch I just love. I love this shoe so much.

Matt Dome 2:12
We picked up three pairs of these I just I think long-term like this is just a shoe that, like it’s never going to rerelease, it’s a great hold for like long term. I love it. I think it’s a great like, it’s in a couple of years it’s gonna be considered a retro. So people, I mean, it’s just you can’t go wrong with this shoe. It’s so cool.

John Calvecchio 2:28
I mean, we’re up to like 30 or 35 pairs. We just don’t… I love the show. It’s all I can say. It reminds me of like, sounds corny, but even reminds me of like the Grinch at Christmas. I mean, they’re sick. Yeah, it’s so cool. So thanks a lot, guys. I hope you like it. Come on into the store. Hope to see you soon.

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