What's up family, SC Kicks Team here and we just want to let you know what we plan to have going on moving forward. Our goal is to put out good, quality YouTube videos WEEKLY. Things included in these videos will be cashouts we do, as we pickup pairs, normal customer interactions, you guys shopping WITH us and being featured in the videos, funny moments between us and customers, or the team just being ourselves.

We'll also go over things like sneaker reviews, upcoming sneaker releases, shoes we think that will perform overtime and plenty of other things. Currently we have three videos posted...

Our first, being a Born x Raised Nike SB Dunk Low IN HAND Review. The unreleased sneaker that broke the internet with tragic news surrounding the release.

Our second, being a release day video with Cole and Matt, what we go through on a daily basis trying to secure our pairs that you guys can shop so readily.

Third, our newest video, a video with buying, selling, and laughing. We had someone sell us 9 pairs of the Nike Dunk Low UNC Athletic Departments, which are one of our most popular sneakers instore, in the same 10 minutes, someone shopping picked up that exact pair. As well as, ONE GROUP cashing out 8 pairs with us. They were shopping for business gifts after clothing a massive deal, gifting the Jordan 1 Gorge Green Highs (the business' colors were GREEN, PERFECT) Jordan 3 White Cement Reimagineds, and a CUSTOM pair of Jordan 1 Mid Chunky Dunkys, hand painted.

It was a GREAT video, and on top of that we announced that we are GIVING AWAY a pair of Yeezy Slides in the Onyx colorway OR a Fear of God Essentials Hoodie, whichever you choose! Super simple to enter, just like the video, comment and subscribe to us!

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