Today’s Trends in Sports Card Collecting

Today’s Trends in Sports Card Collecting

Collecting sports cards was very popular back in the 1950s. After a while, the industry lay dormant. Now, economic timing has spurred a massive resurgence. Here are trends that brought the excitement back to sportscard collecting.

Rookie Sports Cards Gain Momentum

Singles are selling out quickly. In 2020, a rare Mike Trout rookie card signed by the star athlete sold for more than $3 million, and a Lebron James rookie card sold for slightly more than $1.8 million. Dallas Mavericks, Luka Donic rookie cards are highly sought after too. They sell in the six figures.

You never know who the next great sports legend will be. Older cards back in the 1950s are also popular. Overall, rookies remain a good investment to both novices and experienced collectors that want to buy and sell vintage baseball cards.

Talented Artists Render Their Interpretations

Another popular trend is Topps baseball cards that feature baseball greats illustrated by gifted artists. Topp’s Project 2020 Baseball Series collection is a big seller. Artists’ renditions of baseball heroes will continue throughout 2021. Topps entered the baseball card market back in 1951. Add to your collection by purchasing authentic Topps trading cards from reputable dealers.

Bringing Families Together

Exploring sports card collecting has become a family hobby for many people who want to take a break from the cares of the world. News about the pandemic is available to view and listen to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A nice diversion is to explore a Bowman (A Topps company), Fleer, Panini Chronicles, Topps, or Upper Deck hobby box. Collectors are recognizing their favorite sports athletes and discovering unknown, rising superstars.

It is a Digital World for Traders

Collecting online is at an all-time high. Making multiple trips to the trusted Philadelphia area sports card store or buying online the preferred way to shop.

Social Media Fuels the Sports Card Collecting Fever

Social media videos, mobile apps, and forums abound. This has helped online communities transform the once solitary hobby into something more. Sportscard collecting is an industry that offers fresh excitement to new collectors and long-time fans alike.

Collecting sports cards is here to stay, so consider joining in on the fun. Get your family and friends involved and start a new tradition. To shop sports cards featuring your athletes, visit Chalfont Sports Connection today!

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