BIGGEST PROMO EVER with Nakobe Dean – All Purchases $300+ Refunded

BIGGEST PROMO EVER with Nakobe Dean – All Purchases $300+ Refunded

Yes, you heard that correctly- if Philadelphia goes all the way to the big game in February and comes home with the championship we will be refunding all purchases of $300 and more from Black Friday to the day of the Big Game in February. No store credit, no gimmicks- just a straight-up refund.

Video Transcript:

John 0:00
Hi, I’m John with Sports Connection and I’m here with star rookie linebacker for your Philadelphia birds, Nakobe Dean. And we’ve got a crazy promotion to tell these people about and Nakobe doesn’t even know about it yet. So when the birds win the chip everything that you buy $300 and over, starting on Black Friday will be fully refunded.

Nakobe 0:18
Wait, totally free?

John 0:19
Totally free.

Nakobe 0:21

John 0:22

Nakobe 0:24
What about these?

John 0:25
Yup. Them too.

Nakobe 0:27
Okay, okay. What about this right here?

John 0:31
Even that.

Nakobe 0:32
I don’t think that’s my size. (Laughs) These too? These are $1,000.

John 0:37
Yep, that too.

Nakobe 0:37
What about this Mickey Mantle? Three bands- this is going to be free too?

John 0:43
That too. Even that will be free.

Nakobe and I just want to wish you all happy holidays from the bottom of our hearts. Hope you have a Happy New Year and safe holidays, prosperous, happy, and healthy. Thank you all so much. Thanks! Go Birds!

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