3 Cards You Don’t Want to Miss [Hollywood Hits Ep. 1]

3 Cards You Don’t Want to Miss [Hollywood Hits Ep. 1]

If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about which cards you should be looking for, it’s John, aka Hollywood from Sports Connection.

Don’t miss out on today’s episode as we cover Hollywood’s favorite card of all time and a few players that are great moves if you’re looking to make some cash.



Guys what’s up, it’s John from Sports Connection. And I wanted to talk to you about a few cards that I love and that I think are great investments long term, and maybe a short term play for you. So the first card I wanna share with you is the card we posted on our Instagram and Facebook last week, when we talked about posting your favorite card.

This is actually my favorite card that I own. It’s a Willie Mays bat knob, one-of-one from 2014 Five Star. The reason this is my favorite card, one of many, is it has the PSA sticker right on the bat knob. So that means when Tops bought this bat from who whomever, it was already authenticated by PSA. It’s very rare that you see these bat knobs with the PSA sticker on it. Also, Willie Mays doesn’t have bat knobs in every product every year, like we see with many players.

So I really love this card. I also pulled it. It was in my very, very, very early days of breaking. And for those of you who have been with me from the beginning, you know what I used to do. I would just say, guys, I’d really love to own this card. It has been in my box since 2015. It’s never been on the market. I hold this card near and dear to my heart. I absolutely love it.

I’m gonna show you another long term play that I think gets overlooked. Clayton Kershaw, Bowman Chrome autos PSA 10. The last one sold on eBay, PSA 10, for 3,800. And it was a straight buy it now. If you look on eBay, there’s next to nothing of this guy available in PSA slabs. It’s an older card. This card’s 16 years old. And the thing was is back then, they just didn’t produce as much product as they do today, so there’s far less of these. I think this is an absolutely incredible investment. He’s so undervalued. He’s gonna go down as one of the best pitchers of all time. And the Dodgers have a chance to win the World Series this year.

Now let me show you something that I think would be a great short term play. I invested in Nolan Gorman way back in 2018. Now let’s think about 2018. He was drafted in 2018, so he didn’t start until 2019. And then we had the COVID year, which nobody played. So this guy’s been in major league baseball for four years now, whether it’s just working out or playing games. Now he’s finally putting it all together. He’s finally in a routine. They move him to second base, which is awesome.

So everyone who thought he would be blocked at third base with Arenado, the Cardinals need a second baseman, and they need one badly. And this guy is leaving minor league baseball and home runs. He’s got 14 dunks. You can still get his stuff, it’s still reasonably priced. I think Nolan Gorman cards are a great short term flip. If he gets called up and mashes and the Cardinals make a run, I think that division’s wide open. His cards are gonna explode, we know how it works.

These are the three cards I wanted to talk with you about. Thanks so much for watching.

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