Cocoa Puffs x Classic Clog ‘Rise N’ Style’


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  • 208001 0FW
  • Released: 6/17/2022
  • Let your kids rise and shine every day with the Crocs Cocoa Puffs Classic Clog. Inspired by the famous breakfast cereal Cocoa Puffs, these clogs keep your grade-schoolers fresh and energized to take on every day with confidence. Sporting a marbled swirl pattern, topped with iconic breakfast-themed Jibbitz charms, the Crocs Cocoa Puffs Classic Clog lets your kids put their best foot forward.

    Crocs Trix Classic Clog features:

    • Water-friendly and buoyant design offers a lightweight feel.
    • Ventilation ports provide breathability and help shed water and debris.
    • Pivoting heel straps deliver a snug and secure fit.
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